June 22, 2010

Ghostwriters Find Success With the Wealthy

Though their names are usually nowhere near the covers of the books they write, ghostwriters are finding acclaim amid the more affluent circles of society as more wealthy clientele seek the prestige that a book can create.

"As wealthy clients look for innovative and lasting ways to build their brands, they're looking more and more to the professional expertise of ghostwriters," says Larry Leichman, co-owner of Arbor Books (www.arborbooks.com), a leading ghostwriting, editing and self-publishing firm.

A global company, Arbor Books has seen a recent increase in business from the affluent. Having a book ghostwritten has become a major trend among business leaders such as Ivanka and Donald Trump, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

"A book is the hot item right now," says Joel Hochman, co-owner of Arbor Books. "Ghostwritten books offer tremendous returns on investment for our wealthy clients because books can shape their images and create long-lasting, impressive showcases for their businesses."

Wealthy individuals have many reasons to seek out ghostwriting services--and many reasons why the books they produce will be successful. The latter includes:

1. A built-in audience. The rich have already-existing platforms for promotion in their businesses as well as their community and industry contacts. With their many friends and colleagues, they have willing audiences who will clamor to learn their secrets.

2. Clarity of purpose. The wealthy are driven and have clear pictures of what they want to accomplish. This makes working with a ghostwriter to put together a memoir, business book or even a novel simple and straightforward.

3. Business acumen: People who have achieved success in the corporate world understand the power of self-promotion when it comes to brand building and are eager to work with ghostwriters on books that can disseminate the secrets behind their most successful business endeavors.

4. A wealth of knowledge. Many successful individuals--for example, Donald Trump--have an enormous amount of wealth-building secrets to share. With such a large pallet from which to draw, a ghostwriter can craft not just one book but a series that will appeal to and inspire readers--and keep them buying time and again.

5. Prestige. The business leaders and entrepreneurs who have worked with Arbor Books have been some of the best, offering great opportunities for our ghostwriters to showcase their highly accomplished lives. By combining their respected reputations with our ghostwriters' expertise, our wealthy clients have created books that have increased their presences and their already-established esteem.

At Arbor Books, ghostwriting a gook generally costs between $35,000 and $60,000, though the price can increase based on several factors including the length of the manuscript, its complexity and the writer chosen for the project. Arbor Books has access to many best-selling writers. Most books can be written in less than 120 days and are completed with absolute confidentiality. Only the client's name appears on the finished product, and he or she owns 100 percent of the rights to the book and keeps 100 percent of the profits.

The process of ghostwriting is simple. Payments are divided into installments. After the client makes the first payment, Arbor Books matches him or her with a ghostwriter who will produce the manuscript based on regular interviews with the client via phone calls or e-mails or in person. Some clients also opt to provide their ideas via Word documents, audio tapes or videos. As the ghostwriter progresses, work is sent to the client for approval.

Arbor Books' ghostwriters have years of experience in writing books with highly accomplished, wealthy and successful people from all walks of life.

For more information, please visit www.arborbooks.com or call 1-800-877-2500.


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