September 23, 2009

Best Buy, Verizon to Boost E-Book Sales by Millions

(New York, New York)--Best Buy and Verizon have joined the eBook craze witha new reading device that may rival Amazon's best-selling Kindle.Called the iRex DR800SG, it is already one of Europe's most popular e-readers. Priced at $399, the touch-screen device will be able to buy digital books and newspapers wirelessly through the 3G networks of Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. Suppliers include Barnes & Noble's e-bookstore and NewspaperDirect, offering more than a thousand papers."Over five million e-readers are expected to be sold this year as eBooks continue to grow exponentially in popularity," says Joel Hochman of Arbor Books. "Add this to the millions of cell phones that can also act as e-readers and digital books are expected to take an even larger chunk of print sales."Thousands of Best Buy employees have been trained to demonstrate e-readers like the Sony Reader and iRex, and all the chain's 1,048 stores will have dedicated areas to showcase the different devices.The black-and-gray iRex (with an eight-inch screen) is similar to rivals like the Kindle DX, which has a ten-inch screen and costs $489, and Sony's new $399 Reader Daily Edition with its seven-inch screen."E-Books and eBook downloads are the future," says Larry Leichman of Arbor Books. "Just as with music, our publishing industry is undergoing an exciting revolution. Content will be king. Anyone with a book--whether ghostwritten or written with a ghostwriter--will have an equal shot at fame and fortune."Barnes & Noble said it planned to market eBooks "in really big and interesting ways" to the seventy-seven million customers who walk into its stores every year.The immediate goal for the eBook market is to bring the costs of e-readers to $99 or less, which could happen if wireless providers like Verizon subsidize the devices and sell them in their stores, as they do with netbooks. This could happen soon if e-readers continue to sell well because wireless providers get paid for the bandwidth required to distribute content--a potential major revenue stream.For now, the next anticipated steps are Apple's entry into the market with a more general-purpose tablet computer and Google's possible move with its own device to complement its book catalog and book programs.

September 14, 2009

E-Book Revolution: Sell Your Book Direct To Customer

eBooks have taken over the publishing industry -- just like iTunes took over the music industry.

Downloads are clearly the future. While paperback and hard cover book sales plummeted, sales of eBooks tripled in June.

The good news is that it means more money for authors, more money for self-publishers. Less money for publishers.

No more printers. No more publishers. No more distributors. No more brick and mortar stores.

Even Barnes & Noble has hopped on the eBook bandwagon: it will offer more than one million download books within a year.

eBook FACTS: The genius of the Amazon Kindle was in it's ability to instantly download books anywhere, anytime directly to the device. The Kindle's stand-alone, wireless feature is appealing on three levels: 1) instant gratification, 2) convenience, 3) it is synched to the wireless/download future -- along with music and soon movies and television. Books are way overdue to be digitized. People are often reading two or three books at a time, eBook customers often download dozens of books a month, traditional books are bulky and take up space, people like to move with a library of music and a library of books when they go places (vacation, doctor's office, train/bus to work, gym, etc.).

Our eBook blow-out price is still only $895
That price includes setting up your eBook account, getting your manuscript eBook-ready (including front and back cover), uploading the files, AND setting up your eBook web page on the eBook stores. If you have published with another company, the price is $1,195 to reset text files. Charts, graphics and photos are an extra $75 each due to the extra work involved (if you want them included).


(New York, NY)—The 9/11 terrorist attacks are the subject of a new course that will be taught in America’s classrooms.

Aimed at junior high and high school students and initially targeted for schools in New York City, California, New Jersey, Alabama, Indiana, Illinois and Kansas, if successful, the course will be offered nationwide.

“The 9/11 terrorist attacks are among the most pivotal and dramatic event in America’s history,” says Steven M. Centore, author of the new book One of Them: A First Responder’s Story. “The attacks continue to reverberate throughout the country and the world and for that reason alone should be taught to every kid.”

Mr. Centore is a federal employee, a 9/11 first responder, a nuclear physicist and a Navy veteran who has appeared at congressional hearings to advocate for the medical care and financial support of the thousands of first responders who were made ill by contaminants when the World Trade Center collapsed. His book details his own personal experience at Ground Zero on 9/11 and after.

“On September 11, 2001 our nation’s path was forever altered. Later, as we went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan, our course was again changed. Thousands of Americans have been killed or wounded, more than a trillion dollars have been spent on the ongoing ‘war against terror,’ and our government has passed Draconian laws against our citizenry—leaving us with an uncertain future,” adds Mr. Centore.

The 9/11 course was developed by the New-Jersey-based September 11th Education Trust in collaboration with educators. The curriculum includes:

· Videos, lectures and interactive exercises
· Interviews with elected officials including former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
· Interviews with 9/11 first responders, rescue workers and survivors
· Interviews with 9/11 victims and their family members
· Mapping of terrorist activities via Google Earth

“It’s very important that we help our younger generations understand what really happened that day and why people sacrificed their health and even their lives in the rescue and clean up efforts,” says Mr. Centore.
To learn more about how you can help or to buy the nationally acclaimed book One of Them: A First Responder’s Story, visit or The book is also available on,, and
For more information about One of Them: A First Responder’s Story, contact Steven M. Centore directly at

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