May 17, 2010

5 Reasons Environmental Activists Turn to Ghostwriters

5 Reasons Environmental Activists Turn to Ghostwriters

(New York, NY)—As oil washes up the coast in the Gulf of Mexico, environmental activists are pushing for tighter legislation to prevent further accidents like the one caused by the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig. Ghostwritten books could help spread their message.

“Time is of the essence now for environmentalists hoping to spread their message,” says Larry Leichman, co-owner of Arbor Books (, a leading ghostwriting, editing and self-publishing firm. “a ghostwriter can help speed the process of writing a book that may shape the future of climate change legislation.”

A professionally ghostwritten book can be compiled in months and can be formatted as an e-book or audio book, allowing for electronic disbursement of critical messages. Here are five more reasons why environmentalists should use ghostwriters:

1. No message, no matter how sincere is going to have an effect if it is poorly communicated. Ghostwriters help ensure quality writing.

2. With the help of a ghostwriter, activists can effectively double the manpower researching and disseminating their message.

3. Climate change legislation is making its way through the Senate right now. The debate process could take months so there is still time to publish a book.

4. Mainstream publishers may edit or otherwise change your book, diluting your message. With self-publishing and ghostwriting, you own the work.

5. The environmental message is becoming mainstream, but many are still confused about the facts. You can set the record straight with the help of a ghostwriter.

A global company, Arbor Books has worked for years with the environmentalist and scientific communities to produce non-fiction works, histories, essays and memoirs in this genre. The firm works closely with clients to plan their projects at prices that meet their budgets.

Ghostwriting an environmental book generally costs between $5,000 and $25,000, depending upon the length (48 pages vs 400 pages) and complexity of the manuscript desired by the client. Most books can be written in 120 days through interviews with the client via phone calls or e-mails or in person (some clients also opt to provide their ideas via Word documents, audio tapes or videos). As the ghostwriter progresses, work is sent to the client for approval. Completely confidential, only the client’s name appears on the finished product, and he or she retains 100 percent of the rights and profits.

Arbor Books ghostwriters have years of experience in writing books with professionals from all walks of life. Arbor Books’ ghostwriters and projects have been published by many mainstream publishing companies.

For more information, please visit ( or call 1-800-877-2500.

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